Purchasing a home can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if Sellers are emotionally attached to their home. I always tell the Sellers to look at their house as a product they need to market, not as their home. We want to take the emotions out of the process. Sometimes homeowners will over improve their home which my  not match the values of the other homes in the community.  I hear them say,  "I want to price my home higher than the others because I put top dollars in my pool, or the outdoor kitchen. the home at $100,000 which will includes the price of the pool."  So If homes in the community are selling for $80,000, without a pool,  it is not likely the home owner will not be able to sell his home for $20,000 more.  Unfortunately I have to tell them that they can not recoup the money spent on a pool. If he gets 30%-50% of the cost of the installation, he will be lucky. 

Keep in mind the Sellers set the ceiling in pricing, the Buyer sets the floor. In other words the house value is based upon what the Buyer will pay for the home. Generally real estate agents will advise the Buyers not to pay more than the appraised price. On the other hand, your Seller's Agent will try to get the highest and best price for your home.

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Home décor is our forte! EMAGE` Interiors, formerly EMAGE` Designs and Art, was established in the early 90’s as an art gallery and custom furnishing design company. Its owner is an accredited staging professional, furniture placement specialist and a real estate professional who understands how difficult it may be to tell a client their home needs some tender loving care.* That’s where EMAGE’ steps in! We help your client declutter, re-purpose, decorate and make the home more appealing to sell.

        Creates a Broad Appeal

        Rearrange, refresh, reduce the look of clutter

        Staging sells the space and not stuff

        Over 80% of staged homes sell faster

        Offers a 20% Higher Sale Price than those not staged

        Great Listing Tool

        Distinct Marketing Advantage

        Attracts a broader range of buyers

        Buyers feel home is well maintained

        Offers decorating ideas and possibilities

        Home Inspectors may view homes as well cared for

        Often get better Appraisal value

        Professional Photos included for MLS in most packages

        Professional Image – looks better on websites and fliers




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